Huawei Mobile Hotspot -- Port Forwarding to Owncloud

I successfully install Owncloud on a Raspberry, with OpenVPN, it works well behind my Home Router. I have a public IP fixed through freedns.
The point is I want to be able to access it throug a Mobile Hotspot (I actually use the Huawei E5577s) But the port forwarding is actually doing issues, at least the freedns ping timed out everytime.
THe configuration on the Mobile Hotspot look good, with the Port forwarding.
After many search I found out that it could be a CGnat problem!?

Should I use another Mobile Hotspot? maybe it would be easier to configure through an android platform?

Thanks for any help


this looks to me like an off-topic question for an ownCloud support forum because i think this is not really related to ownCloud :frowning_face: (i think your router is doing the port forwarding, not ownCloud).

I hope you still will to get posts of other users with a hint, if not then i think the off-topic posting could be a reason and it could be required to ask at some better place (but i’m not sure where :frowning_face:).

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Yes I agree, unfortunately not an ownCloud problem.

Your network topology is not very clear to me.
Perhaps try to visualize it.

Currently your description makes me think of something like this:

+------------+     +------+     +--------+     +------------+      +---------------+
|RPi|ownCloud+<----+Router+<----+Internet+<----+Wifi|Hotspot+<-----+ownCloud client|
+------------+     +------+     +--------+     +------------+      +---------------+

There it shouldn’t really be a problem whether your Wifi hotspot is using carrier grade nat or not. You already have your ownCloud setup and working, it should be all fine.

This leads me to believe that your topology is more like that:

+------------+     +------------+     +--------+     +---------------+
|RPi|ownCloud+<----+Wifi|Hotspot+<----+Internet+<----+ownCloud client|
+------------+     +------------+     +--------+     +---------------+

Then you absolutely need a proper public IP address and can’t use CGNAT. The easiest to find that out, is by checking your public IP address of your Wifi Hotspot if the IP is in the range or another private IP address then yes you are using CGNAT.

In order to circumvent CGNAT you need a tunnel between a machine with a public IP address and your machine behind the CGNAT. There are many ways to get there from a simple SSH command to a VPN solution everything is possible, but really quite off-topic for this forum :wink:

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