Hundreds of device sessions

Hi All

I have noticed in my ownCloud profile, accessed through 'personal', that there are hundreds of device sessions recorded, going back to a month ago.

I am guessing that these would be better cleared out, so is there any way in which I can clear all of them at one time, rather than one at a time. I am already 65 years old, and may well not have the time available to clear all of them :grinning:

Edit: I just did a rough count and there are a bit over 1000 sessions showing. So at 16 sessions per minute to close them, that's a bit over an hour and a bit over 1000 clicks.

Hope you can help.

Do you have your cronjobs running? Check on your admin page when it was last executed.

Cron is set to Ajax, and the last execution was "seconds ago".

Should I set it to Cron then configure something in the crontab and cron.php to sort this?

Guidance, or a link to a 'how-to' would really be appreciated.

If you can, system cronjobs are better:

The cronjobs it's just to make sure the background jobs work. If that works, it shouldn't show thousands of sessions...

Ahh, thank you. That seems to be working better. I only have sessions up to a day ago now.

I thought I would have to configure the cron.php file to do the job as well as set up the cronjob to run it, but it seems that it is already configured so we just have to set up the cronjob.

Many thanks for the assistance.