Hyper-V applience disk corruption


I have the Hyper-V applience running. About 2 weeks ago, the VM suffered disk corruption and was not accessable. As i was only testing, I replaced the vhd with the oritinal and restarted teh applience and set it up again.

Today I have the same problem.

On the console it says:-

[826252.833336] end_requesr: I/O error, dev sda, sector 1069880
[826252.911154] Aborting journal on device sda-8.
[826252.937058] EXT4-fs error (device sda1): ext4-journal_check_start:56: Detected aborted journal
[826252.938553] EXT4-fs (sda1): remounting filesystem read-only

If I reboot the VM, during boot i get:-
EXT4-fs (sda1): Couldnt remount RDWR because of unprocessed orphan inode list. Please unmount/remount instead
An error occured while mounting /.
Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery

Anyidea what is going wrong? I have about 15 other machines running on this host with a mixture of Win and CentOS and none of those are complaining so i am assuming its not a host storage issue.




how is this related to ownCloud?


Sorry, i didnt think it necessary to state that its the OwnCloud Hyper-V appliance that i have running, that has the disk corruption issue.


Well, then you might get in touch with a community dedicated to Hyper-V or Ubuntu (depending which one this issue is causing) to get help with that. The Appliance is just a standard Ubuntu with ownCloud installed. I highly doubt than anyone in here can help you with such operating system related issues.