Hyper-v First Install

Hello, I’m new on Owncloud and I want to install on Microsoft Hyper-v, where can I download .iso or .vhd or .vhdx appliance or the step to install ubuntu and then owncloud?



if i’m browsing to https://owncloud.org i can see a large “Download” button on the upper right corner. Clicking on this leads me to the following page showing the available appliance images for various Hypervisors / Visualization solutions:

as well as the related link to the documentation:


The similar for above seems to be valid here, the download button is also providing the following links for self installations:

as well as the link to the installation guide:


Hi, yes i’m reading all that document but I can’t found a download for Hyper-V! for VMware/VirtualBox yes but for Hyper-v???

I already install Ubuntu and now I’m fighting with it!! jajajjaja

thanks for your reply

Here you can download the appliance of the UCS server.