I added my files into onwCloud's directory but I can't see it. (I Installed ownCloud on QNAP with Docker)

First, I would like to say this is my first post. I want to say thank you to the community and please sorry for my bad english.

The thing is that I recently install ownCloud on my QNAP Server, I could fix all problems like the HSTS and others. I have the server on my own domain and all running great.

But, the problem is that I have many files in my NAS so when I moved all of my data, just I changed the directories, for example I had my own data on /QNAP/myfiles/mydata, so, I moved that to /QNAP/owncloud-data-directory/ but when I went to the web page of ownCloud the data that i moved wasn’t seen, that’s, the data didn’t appear.

I was reading about that problem and I could see that I can’t copy manually the data, later, I read some examples to resolve that but really I didn’t understand.

That’s why I’m writing my issue here, I jus want a solution for this:

I have more than 1TB in information and I don’t want to sync with the owncloud’s software, that could take too long and I really don’t have patience, knowing that I already have all the data on my NAS.

Please help me by explaining how I can manually move my data to owncloud and make it visible on the owncloud website.

Thank you very much!