I can access Own Cloud from LAN but not WAN

I have a QNAP TS212 NAS running own-cloud server 8.0.4
I have android app rev 2.8.0
** No it won’t run a newer owncloud… (Need a newer NAS for that)

My router/firewall is a Sonic-wall and directs web traffic to my QNAP TS212 NAS web-server.
The web server has virtual hosting enabled to run several sites. ~15
** All the site wok fine.
for example if I enter Spectrumwerx.com, my virtual hosted website loads.
Same for my other sites

Within the my LAN on my android phone I enter the IP of my NAS/owncloud and connects.
What is the trick to getting to own-cloud from the outside?
Is it just another virtual hosted site? (It set itself up during install…)

F.Y.I. I enter m External-IP/owncloud and get Bad request. (No Details)

As a test I changed one on my urls virtual folders to direct to web/owncloud.
With a web browser I was able to hit an owncloud page complaining about un-trusted URL.
So I seem to be able to drill in from the outside, but the client won’t connect?

I am missing something obvious…



this is not ownCloud related. This is basic networking. Use google :slight_smile: