I can not join my owncloud server to my active directory with WS2012R2

Hello, first apologize for my English since my level is very low.

I have a problem when deploying the appliance, when I try to join it to my active directory in the installation I get this error "To install the owncloud appliance it is necessary to have an activated UCS license on the master domain controller. following error occurred: ssh: connect to host srvdatastore.acisa.local port 22: Connection timed out. "
Previously I did a test installation and I did not have any problem, joined my active directory with WS2012r2 and I took charge of the list of domain users.

I have deleted everything related to the owncloud in the direct search area and vice versa from the DNS server.

Can you help me please?

Thank you very much and greetings.


this is a common error with multiple installation with a single AD.

Have you deleted the DNS entries for the univention server?

Hi, I resigned, I deleted the entries in the DNS and it works correctly for me.
Thanks and best regards.