I can use a direct url to access my file without login

So the files are in data/username/files/ folder in my web server, which is an Ubuntu 16.04 server. If I put a direct ulr from web browser I can access the file even though I am not logged in to my server, I feel this is a configuration thing but I cannot find out why. E.g. I can use a url simiar to this to access the file from anywhere without logged into server, and the file is not shared:

Thanks for your help!

I don't intent to add a link, just want to give an example, here is what the url I mentioned looks like:

h tt p:// mydomain.com/data/username/files/not_real_picture.jpg.


I had moved the data directory out of my webroot like explained in https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.0/admin_manual/configuration/server/harden_server.html#place-data-directory-outside-of-the-web-root to avoid that such server configuration problems are causing such issues for me.

Hi Tom, thank you very much, looks I need to reinstall my server. Will let you know if this works.