I can't activate the theme-exemple

I followed the instructions on this page

but I can’t activate the theme; in the dashboard there is no possibility to do this


you should try this:


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The example theme can be enabled just as any other app. As Admin visit Settings → Apps. There it should be listed and can be enabled.

If it does not show up in you apps list

  • make sure you copied the directory theme-example to either the apps or the apps-external folder of your ownCloud installation
  • make sure the directory is readable by your webserver user (www-data, apache, … depending on your OS) - see the chown passage in the theme-example README

Also notice

When you download this repository the extracted folder name will be theme-example-master . You must change the folder name to theme-example to get the theme working out of the box.

You did rename the folder, I guess?

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