I can't find the lock icon's values in account_setup.xml

Actual behaviour

  • I can’t change the lock icon’s color to gray, I have to change it because I use white background instead of owncloud_blue
  • I can’t see the lock icon on the account_setup.xml and I can’t change it’s color since I can’t see it on xml.

Expected behaviour

  • I want to be able to change the white color of the lock sign in the account_setup.xml where it says “Secure Connection Established”

Steps to reproduce

  1. from setup.xml @color/owncloud_blue change this value to @color/white, then the lock on the account_setup.xml will disappear since it is white too

Environment data

Android version: API 28

Device model: Nexus 5

I have found the icons as ic_lock.png and ic_lock_open.png and painted them to gray myself, I guess this solves the problem.