I can't sync between two PC!

Hi all. I'm new to ownCloud.
I install the windows client on two different PC's (office & laptop)
First I install and sync the selected folder to the server from Office PC
Then i install the client on laptop PC.
I saw all the files from the server synced to laptop PC.
My problem is that now every change i make on the files synced to the server but not between PC's!
It looks like two different servers although i use same username and url.
When i make changes to one PC (let's say Office PC) everything synced on the server.
When i make changes to the other PC (laptop PC) everything synced on the server, but when i check the server using the web interface, i can't see the updated files from Office PC.
Finally there is no sync between the two PC's. it looks like two different servers.
Any ideas what i'm doing wrong?
Thank you

Hello, did you check ownCloud application if there are all folders checked? Also, how big files are you trying to sync? In settings, there is checkbox to ask before sync folders bigger than some MB.I think default is like 500 MB.

Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately this is not the case.
As i already mention the first sync on the second machine (laptop) was 100% successful. All files and folders synced perfectly.
The problem start from this point on.
All changes i make in the first PC (work) synced with one version on the server and all changes i made on the second PC (laptop) synced with another.
My problem is that there is no sync between the two machines...

Anyone ?????
With this setup right now i can't see any value using owncloud !
I have to move for another solution...
Is there place where i can get help even if i have to pay?

The normal behavior is the one you expect. Can you pls check which of your both computers is "more in sync". Disable the sync on the other one completely, deinstall the ownCloud Client. Move the data (e.g. have it saved, but start with a clean folder for the next steps. Which are: reinstall the client and enable sync. Pls give a feedback on the results. Thx and regards Stefan

check your owncloud app...you can use some third party software for sync large amount of files..i use gs rich copy 360 for file sync.