I cant upload a 250 MB video

owncloud crashes when I try to upload a 250 MB video. My upload limit is 1000 MB

Wasn't there a template shown when you created this issue? Failing integrity checks often indicate some problems of mixed code (of different versions) which can result from a wrong update.

Thanks. What do you suggest that I do?

First check why the code integrity is broken and fix it. Then check again the upload issue, don't forget to check your logfiles on the server as well. The issue template is useful to post an issue with all required information. Your post, we don't know which system you are using, what version of owncloud, how did you upload (via webinterface probably, but does it work with webdav directly), ...

Ill try upgrading sqllite to mysql. how do i access the occ?

my version is 10.0.1

From what i know its currently not possible to migrate from sqlite to mysql in oC 10.

This is an outdated version. I would update to 10.0.2 first.

Thanks tom42. how do I upgrade without occ?

You can't easily switch to mysql without occ. This process takes some time and without shell access, the risk of running into timeouts and broken databases is too high. You can try to migrate your setup to a virtual machine, do the switch to mysql, and migrate back to the webspace (for most parts you only need to migrate the database and config file). If you do such things, please to proper backups before.