I have an idea for a daily report application for a research team


This application can be called daily scientific research. It should have the following functions:

  1. Each user can edit his own summary of today, this week, this month, semester, year and a day plan;

  2. The plan can only be edited before 02:00 of the day, and the summary can only be edited from 12:00 of the day to 2:00 of the next day.

  3. Each user can view all plan summaries of all other members in the group, but cannot edit them.

  4. Each user can praise and evaluate all plans of all users.

  5. After loading the app, all members’ plans of last week, summary of last week, plan of this week and daily plan summary of this week will be displayed.

  6. Select single or multiple users to display the selected user’s plan of last week, summary of last week, plan of this week and daily plan summary of this week.

  7. After selecting single or multiple users, you can continue to select the time, display the corresponding plan summary, and support the management group members to export the corresponding plan summary in Excel form.

  8. One or more basic types of affairs can be selected in the plan, such as general scientific research, research, reading literature, doing experiments, holding group meetings, participating in academic activities, writing articles, participating in Subject Competitions and preparation, and other affairs.

To plan ordinary scientific research, you only need to edit a day’s plan and today’s summary in the text box.

It is necessary to describe the investigation and preliminary plan, summarize and upload the corresponding investigation results after the completion of the next day, including but not limited to web snapshot, literature, pictures, video / audio and source code;

The planned reading documents need to be uploaded to the literature to be read, or the existing documents in the designated literature database, and the corresponding summary should be made in the summary compiled after the next day;

It is necessary to upload the relevant experimental materials, including but not limited to the experimental data set, experimental algorithm description, experimental source code, experimental results and corresponding models, experimental records, and it can also be supplemented in the summary of the next day after the experiment;

It is necessary to specify the time and place, the problems to be discussed and the materials for the meeting, and record the important arrangements, problems to be solved and the meeting summary in the summary prepared after the next day;

When planning to participate in academic activities, it is necessary to record the type of activities (lectures, reports and seminars), time, theme, location and preparation materials. The summary compiled after the next day needs to be summarized accordingly;

Plan to write articles need to briefly describe the content and quantity to be written, after the completion of the next day need to summarize the completion, and need to upload the written text;

Planning to participate in the discipline competition and preparing for the competition needs to plan related work, and make a summary after completion, including but not limited to the competition results and competition process;

Planning other affairs can be used to plan non research related matters, including but not limited to personal leave.

  1. For each plan summary, the owner or the administrator can set a display range, which is visible to the owner and the administrator, visible to the designated team members, and visible to all. At the same time, the visible time period and invisible time period can also be set.

  2. Each plan summary can be set by the owner or the administrator to a degree of display, which is to show only the type of things, show the type and description of things, and show all contents to the visible;


Hi, thanks for your very detailed initial post, however I don’t see any specific questions.
Do you have any questions about how to implement that?

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Wow :slight_smile: Thank you for your reply! I just need an application like this when I could not find it in the Market. I’m trying to build it, but I urgently need it. I wish that I can with someone build it for quickly. :smiley:

After rereading I don’t think your application idea is a particularly good fit for ownCloud as base.

ownCloud’s main use case is to share and sync files and enable people to collaboratively work on files.


Yes,you’re right. 新年快乐!

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