I have the folder /data twice ?!

Hello again,

i will do a manual upgrade from OC 8.x to 10.x - I have read the Documentation for Manual Update and Backup your OC before Update. After the Setup of the 8.x OC in Ubuntu under /var/www/owncloud , i give my Server more Space. (A external HD) I mount this HD to /my/secondHD/owncloud/data

And in my OC config i set the path to “data” : /my/secondHD/owncloud/data | All works fine.

Now for my Backup i see some “old” Users in /var/www/owncloud/data. e.g. a “admin”
In my “my/secondHD/owncloud/data/” i have all stuff and user, also a “admin”

How can i merge the two folders /data ??

Thx in advaced


have you considered using rsync?