I lost all the DATA file in the server while migrating. How to recover it by upload again?

I tried to migrate my server from a old computer to a new one. But I only dump all the data in mysql database, and forgot to migrate the data files. That is, I lost all the files I saved in the server!
After I rebuild the server, I can login with the old username and password, and I can see my file list in browser. But I can not download any files any more!!
But I have a back_up in my client PC. But the client do not upload it by it self, because maybe it think the file is still in the server.
How can I upload it again?


Expand your backup to your local computer.

Find the data folder and place the entire data fold back where it should be matching the old patch exactly.

If you cannot match the old patch exactly you’d have to edit your config file to indicate where the new data folder is and edit all of the mysql records so they point to the new location with an sql query.

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