I need a file lock function to prevent multiple people from opening it at the same time. Is there any way?

I am using multiple users, but transactional locking is not convenient for me. Is there any way to prevent multiple people from opening the same file at the same time? Thank you

Yes. The API already exists. And an app for manual file locking is in preperation:

You can already use the API today, or wait for this app to be ready soon.


Could you provide a link to the documentation of the manual file locking API, if there is any?

I haven’t been able to find the documentation for this either, perhaps this still needs to be documented?
@dmitry ? Should we open a ticket in the docs repo for this?

I will ask around and take the required steps. Thanks for alerting me

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This app is in early development - no docs for it. When it’s finished - docs will be written.

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I was also asking about the API docs, these also don’t exist yet, but apparently just follow the spec. Sorry I don’t have more information.


If any user is still interested in some kind of developer API for manual resource locking, I guess one can just use WebDav: http://www.webdav.org/specs/rfc4918.xml#METHOD_LOCK (Chapter 9.10)
Seems to work so far. (Or is there a reason not to (ab)use this?)



Yes, the WebDAV API spec is exactly correct. We follow Open Standards.

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