I need help with the Owncloud OTP

I’m a cluster systems engineer And a lot of customers are using Owncloud However, due to security, customers must use VPN or Owncloud OTP
Currently, there is a problem with VPN, so OTP is forced to be used, but OTP allows customers to turn off(Owncloud OTP) the settings at will and use Owncloud
How can I prevent the customer from turning off the OTP settings and allow only the administrator to set the OTP on/off?

(Due to security, the customer must use OTP, but the customer turns off the OTP on their own, causing problems)

2-factor authentication enforcement will come with 10.13.
The next version of the “twofactor_totp” (0.7.6 or 0.8) will be prepared for this scenario. Other related apps might not be ready.

I don’t have specific dates for the releases, but anyway the code is already there.


Thank you for your help I think the problem has been solved well

Hello, jvillafanez. Thank you for your help last month If I go into the upcloud marketplace now, the 2-Factor Authentication version has been upgraded to 0.8.0, but if I want to prevent customers using the server from turning off OTP on their own, can I download 2-Factor Authentication now? Or should I upgrade the upcloud and upcloud web server? For your information, my original cloud version is 10.4.1

You also need to update your OC server version to 10.13 in order to enforce the 2-factor authentication.

The 0.8.0 version of the app is compatible with OC 10.11+, so you need to update your server version first. Once you’ve updated ownCloud to 10.13, you should be able to download the new version of the app from the market.


Thank you very much for your reply !
I need to download the latest version of the original cloud (10.13) and install the latest version of 2-Factor Authentication 0.8.0 right now
Are there any dependencies required during the installation process?

You can check How to Upgrade Your ownCloud Server and also System Requirements

Probably, the most important thing is to have PHP 7.4. In addition, have a backup of the system in case something goes wrong

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