I want upload a file

I have just installed my own cloud but I don't upload files in my folder.


Security and configuration notices
The blocking transactional locking file should be configured to use memory-based blocking, not slow database-based blocking. See the documentation :arrow_upper_right: for more information.
SQLite is used as a database. For larger installations it is recommended to change to another database system.
The use of SQLite is discouraged especially when using the desktop client to synchronize the files.
To migrate to another database use the command line tool 'occ db: convert-type' or look at the documentation :arrow_upper_right: .
Some files have not passed the integrity check. For more information on how to solve this problem, consult our documentation documentation . ( List of invalid files ... / Rescan ... )
PHP does not have access to / dev / urandom which is inadvisable for security reasons. You can find more information in our our documentation .
You are accessing this internet site via HTTP. We strongly suggest that you configure your server that uses HTTPS as described in our security tips .
The cache memory has not been configured. To improve your performance, please configure the memcache if it is available. You can find more information in our documentation

I need help, please.


take a look at the docs :slight_smile: