IBM Cloud with owncloud

Have problem when using owncloud container on kubernetes cluster in IBM cloud.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Created from a 2 node cluster Kubernetes;
  2. Added owncloud container from IBM CLoud catalog;
  3. Waited for the container to deploy. Status successful;
  4. Then Kubernetes > Discovery and load balancing > Services;
  5. Open endpoint IP
  6. Nothing is displayed on the page

Expected behaviour

Owncloud web page opens

Server configuration

IBM Cloud
Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS
2 vCPU | 4 GB 2x node
Kuberebetes - v. 1.14.8_1536
OwnCloud container - v. 10.3.1

How to deploy right?

I haven’t tried out Kubernetes myself yet, but have you seen this blog post about setting up ownCloud on Kubernetes?

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