IIS basic auth disables owncloud client



Good morning. Our public website is protected by an IIS proxy server featuring basic authentication and SSL (port 443). Unauthenticated (port 80) queries are not served.

I have set up an IIS URL Rewrite rule (reverse proxy, similar to nginx proxy_pass) to rewrite https://iis.mypublicsite/cloud into http://owncloudlinuxserver.private.lan/owncloud. Note that the internal server is not protected at all.

This setup works well via web browser, but the desktop client fails as it does not know how to authenticate itself. Is there a known workaround?



AFAIK you can't use an additional basic auth as at least the status.php needs to be publicly available:


Thank you for the clarification. I am really, really loathe of exposing an unauthenticated port to the internet, but it seems that there is no alternative if I want to use owncloud.


You could also try to see if it is possible to make the status.php reachable without basic auth. Maybe thats possible within the webservers config.