IIS Reverse Proxy to Owncloud. Help Needed!

Hi, really need some help with reverse proxy setting up on IIS, I haven’t ever done this before nor setup owncloud,

Currently we have Microsoft Exchange server running on a Hyper V Windows Server 2016 installed with IIS, I have got the URL Rewrite and Reverse Proxy options on there,

I also have another Hyper V with my Owncloud setup running on Debian 12. I have changed the ports for Apache to 8079 from 80, and port 1234 from port 443, so it doesn’t get itself in a muddle with exchange,

I cannot for the life of me get it working externally, it’ll only work internally and I believe it is because I need to setup reverse proxy, let me explain what happens:

If I search for the subdomain directly (which is fileshare.domain), I get the Outlook Web Access page, if I search for the subdomain with the port number (which is fileshare.domain:8079) I get an SSL Protocol error, I have done the lets encrypt self cert and I am 99% sure it works as it doesn’t throw up any cert errors on the same LAN and when checking certbot certificates, the cert is there and showing as fine,

Is anyone able to help? I’m sure this is a reverse proxy setup thing, but honestly I don’t know how to do it and I can’t find too much to help me in this specific case

Thanks in advance

That makes no sense. Have you never heard of a name based vhost? Its been standard practice for well over a decade.

This is not an IIS support forum. Most of the regulars here are going to be well-versed in Linux and ownCloud. You would probably do better to look elsewhere for IIS support. Just because you want to stick one in front of your ownCloud, doesn’t mean that it is appropriate for discussion here.

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