Image display/preview in folder view without "Gallery" UI?

I was quite unhappy with the default behavior of ownCloud that even simple jpg images are downloaded when you click them, instead of showing a preview in the browser. So I installed and activated the "Gallery" app. Now I get a preview when I click an image in the folder view. So far so good.

But now there's also the additional "Gallery" view/UI which is accessible via the drop-down in the upper left corner. Is it possible to hide this special view/UI? I only want to give the users the ability to see an image preview directly in the file browser without the need to download the file. Nothing less, nothing more. As a short explanation: I'm using ownCloud to share files with members of a choir. Some of them are not exactly technophiles :wink: ... so I want to keep the UI as simple as possible.

This would require either moving the slideshow component of the gallery app to core or a separate app, or use hacks (theme with CSS ?) to hide the buttons you mentioned.

Thanks for hinting at CSS. That did the trick :wink: