Import files directly on the server?


I just installed OwnCloud 10.0.8 on a fresh root server running CentOS 7. We have several hundred GB of data on an FTP server, and I'd like to import these files directly on the server. Meaning I can retrieve them using ncftp or lftp, and then put them in the right place on the server with the right permissions and everything.

I'm the primary admin user 'microlinux'. I created a second admin user 'patrice', and I'd like all the imported files to belong to this user.

Any idea if this is feasible?

Cheers from the sunny South of France.


I would copy them right in the users data directory, give the permissions to the web server user and do a files scan.

Or if the files currently belong to your admin user, you can just share them

Can you execute a file scan within your ownCloud admin panel?

No. Thats a sysadmin command which needs ssh access.