Import ICS into OC Calender 10.9.1


I’m using OC and the bundled calendar app. I’m looking to migrate my calendars from Davical to OC calendar. I’ve exported ics files from Davical and am trying to import into OC calendar.

When I login into OC web interface, go to calendar, and then import, select ics file, OC comes back and says the ICS file is empty. The file is not empty but good size.

I’ve turned on debugging for server but am not even sure what to start looking for.

Any pointers as to who to debug this?



Some updates. I exported my Davical calendars originally using psgl and that output was summarily rejected by the OC calendar import.

I exported by Davical calendars using a web browser to the Davical caldav URL and get a slightly different ics file. OC calendar import was then able to upload and attempt to import the ics file.

However, for each calendar entry it tried to import, I see this error in the log file:

Trying to access array offset on value of type bool at

Any idea how to get around this? I’m guessing I may need to munge my ics file to fix some sort of incompatible ics entry?

(None of the entries in the ics file were successfully imported.)



Use iCalendar Validator to validate your exports. It should tell you, what you’ll have to fix.

Thank you! I had found that website but it limits file uploads to 512kb. I have a much larger ics file that represents several years of entries.

You could try to split them. Maybe you can export by year?

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