In need of some advice

I used to run a nextcloud instance but i shut it down due to performance issues and a mysterious issue in which users using kodi on an xbox which was connecting via Webdav via https.

Due to my current method of allowing uses to connect and sync there files via sftp is a tad more work, so i was looking into the whole Webdav thing again and it boils down to this.

Owncloud seems to rank higher than Nextcloud im not looking for anything to fancy like chat options or word processing just a nice easy to use cloud which allows user’s to use Webdav via https without much issues.

My system specs are

AMD Ryzen 3 2300X Quad-Core
8GB DDR 4 ram
Running Kbuntu 21.04

Ultimately do you guys think Owncloud would work for my situation or am i better setting up Webdav bare bones

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Install the current version and try it. I’ve found it reliable and my users like better than the other options out there like drop box, one drive or google drive.


ownCloud 10.8 is expected to be released soon, and it will come with some performance improvements.


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