Increase size of image in directory view

How can I icrease size of image in directory view?

Use Case:

I have a digital camera since 15 years. My son is 13 now and we want to create a book with photos of his childhood.

I want to mark all photos we want to use in the photo book as "favorite".

This means my wife and me we need to select our favorite photos.
I access owncloud via browser on my android tablet.

The images in the "directory view" are visible, but they far too small.

I found no easy way to look at the images of one directory and mark individual images as "favorite" (star).

There are a lot of photos (76k). Stored in the structure YYYY/YYYY-MM/YYYY-MM-DD

Yes, it is possible to open an image in full screen mode, look at it, switch back to directory view, then mark the image as favorite. This workflow would be no problem if I only had five directories and about 100 images. But in this case I need a more workflow which is easier and simple to use.

Any hints?

Documentation how to configure these previews is available at [1].


I look at my config.php, there is no variable called "preview_max_x" according to the docs this means no limit.

If there is no size limit this is great. But how can a use increase the image preview size?

This most likely doesn't mean "no limit" but "default limit" as it makes no sense to have no limit by default.

So add the mentioned config parameters to your config.php and try again.