Increase the number of entries in the Email notification?


I would have on my email notification the full entrie

There any way to increase the number of entries in the Email notification?


could you specify?

Actually when i receive an email notification i have not all entrie modified on this email. It is limited a 200 news entry.
For exemple if i create 400 news files on my shared directory, my another user receive an notification email with only the 200 first file added.
Il would my user see all file modified on the email notification

before my update I found this parameter to change in a configuration file but I can not find the file to edit.

Can you tell me what file you edited in the previous installation?

there is a file in your owncloud dir:


there you can adjust this line to the value you choose:

OCA\Activity\MailQueueHandler::ENTRY_LIMIT = 200

Perfect thanks a lot