Infinite Scale 2.0.0 Beta

Today is an awesome day for ownCloud: We are starting the beta phase of ownCloud Infinite Scale, our new open source data platform, and have released the first beta version today. You can find out more about the Infinite Scale Beta or check the detailed release notes.

This is a huge step: With this major milestone having reached, we have all features in place for the final release of the first version of Infinite Scale later this year. From now on, there will be migration paths on every update, so that migration will always be smooth for the operator. Also, there will be ongoing beta releases every two weeks as we move forward. Read more about the beta phase in this blogpost

Now we are entering the hardening phase. That means that we are testing intensively together with our community to bring the project up to the mark!

For everybody who wants to work with Infinite Scale and test it, here are the downloads of the single binary. Other deployment options are described in the brand new documentation.
The sources can be found in this Github repository.

We are looking forward to any feedback! Please use this Central category for general feedback and discussions about Infinte Scale. For bug reports, please use the Github Issue Tracker.

Thanks for your support, and have fun with Infinite Scale!


For all who are interested in the Infinite Scale beta: Last week we realeased the Infinite Scale 2.0.0 Beta 3:

Beta 3

The third beta release of Infinite Scale 2.0.0 allows clients to list the contents of “Shares” and rounds-off Spaces with a no-restriction quota feature. Web is shipped with the version 5.5.0-rc.9 and focuses on upload reliability and usability.

  • Improved upload UI: The upload stability has been improved, especially for usecases with many small files and complex folder hierarchies. Also the initial view of the upload UI has been simplified and shows now more details, but only on demand. web#7067, web#7036, web#7032
  • Improved “File already exists” dialog: When moving files to a different folder users can now choose to skip, replace or keep conflicting files. If both files should be kept, the existing filename gets extended with a number: filename (1) filename (2) etc. Similar to known dialogs from e.g. Windows or MacOS, users can now apply the chosen option to all conflicts. web#6994
  • Allow listing of “Shares”: Clients can now list the share jail content via PROPFIND /dav/spaces/{sharejailid} reva#2931, reva#2904
  • Create Spaces without quota restiction: Space managers can now create Spaces without specific quota restrictions like “10 GB”. With the quota option “No restriction” Spaces can use up all available storage entirely. This enables a more dynamic storage allocation. reva#2895

You can also read the full Infinite Scale changelog and ownCloud Web changelog for further details on what has changed.

By the way: If you would like to test Infinite Scale, we also have offer free test instances - feel free t get a test instance!

Happy testing - if you have any questions feel free to reach out:!

…and Beta 4 was released!

Beta 4

Infinite Scale 2.0.0 Beta4 introduces the ‘Resharing’ feature in the backend, brings major improvements for file uploads and adds keyboard shortcuts as well as full drag & drop support in ownCloud Web.

The most prominent changes in Infinite Scale 2.0.0 beta4 and ownCloud Web 5.7.0 comprise:

  • The ‘Resharing’ feature is now supported in the backend but it will still be disabled as there are some pending changes in Web to make it available. ocis#3904 cs3org/reva#2877
  • The performance, stability and reliability of file uploads in Web has been further improved. web#7111 web#7123 web#7120 web#7109 web#7100
  • Web now supports keyboard shortcuts for cut (e.g., CTRL+X ), copy (e.g., CTRL+C ) and paste (e.g., CTRL+V ) operations. They apply for selected rows of the file list and enable cross-view cut/copy/paste (Personal space, received shares, project spaces). web#7078
  • Web now supports drag & drop for move operations in all relevant views. web#7122
  • Web now shows an upload time estimation. web#7088
  • The file mimetype associations for the ‘Preview’ feature can now be customized. web#6933
  • Further audit events and information have been added (folder creation, acting user). ocis#3941 ocis#3753
  • The ocis version command provides proper version information again. ocis#3953

Due to an issue, the latest version of the WOPI Server extension that is required for online office integrations (Collabora Online, ONLYOFFICE, Microsoft Office Online) is not compatible with the 2.0.0 beta4 release. Version 8.3.0 of the WOPI Server extension works as expected.

You can also read the full Infinite Scale changelog and ownCloud Web changelog for further details on what has changed.

will there be a feature to roll back a space or a library. like previous version or snapshots of a file in case of ransomware or deleted files.