Infinite Scale 2.0.0 Beta

Today is an awesome day for ownCloud: We are starting the beta phase of ownCloud Infinite Scale, our new open source data platform, and have released the first beta version today. You can find out more about the Infinite Scale Beta or check the detailed release notes.

This is a huge step: With this major milestone having reached, we have all features in place for the final release of the first version of Infinite Scale later this year. From now on, there will be migration paths on every update, so that migration will always be smooth for the operator. Also, there will be ongoing beta releases every two weeks as we move forward. Read more about the beta phase in this blogpost

Now we are entering the hardening phase. That means that we are testing intensively together with our community to bring the project up to the mark!

For everybody who wants to work with Infinite Scale and test it, here are the downloads of the single binary. Other deployment options are described in the brand new documentation.
The sources can be found in this Github repository.

We are looking forward to any feedback! Please use this Central category for general feedback and discussions about Infinte Scale. For bug reports, please use the Github Issue Tracker.

Thanks for your support, and have fun with Infinite Scale!