Infinite Scale Reverse Proxy Javascript not functioning

in the apache reverse proxy i have an entry like this

 ProxyPass /ocis/ https://localhost:9200/
 ProxyPassReverse /ocis/ https://localhost:9200/
 ProxyPreserveHost on

and my OCIS_URL is pointing to


However when i open a browser and go to


i notice that the javascript is not executing. i go a blank screen with a message “opps.something went wrong”.

Does anybody know if subdirectory to port mapping works for infinite server ?

With this reverse proxy configuration, it seems like the javascript are not able to execute properly.

Expected a JavaScript module script but the server responded with a MIME type of “text/html”


i’m not sure but maybe the reverse proxy has some insufficient configuration which prevents it serving the “correct” Content-Type for JavaScript files “application/javascript” and enforcing “text/html” instead.

I think maybe the manual of the reverse proxy has some notes how to configure such cases? Otherwise the support community of that reverse proxy could be also contacted?

Yes. I believe this is more on reverse proxy configuration. It has to be some more configuration to be done for the javascript to be able to excute properly. I think this is the only problem for this type of setup where we are not using subdomain name but we opt for the sub path /ocis/

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