Install 10.1 from repository server

Hej owncloud,

i’m searching for 10.1 at and can’t find it. Am I blind?



Well, the fact that you can search and can write tells me that you can’t be blind :slight_smile:

try this -

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:joy: ok, i’m not blind…

Ok, that’s for the CE, isn’t it (.org)? What about EE (.com)?

Yes, that’s the community edition.

Enterprise edition is available for enterprise customers only.

:blush: Thank you, I am…

so… is it possible that someone can bring the 10.1 version to the EE repos. I need it for my deployment process, please…

Okay, customers can log in to, there are instructions how to get the EE packages :slight_smile:

THX @dmitry , I opened a case to address that issue…

See you there :slight_smile:

thank you for sharing information about version 10.1