Install 10.3.2 on raspbian buster

Hello, i try to install OC 10.3.2. on a raspberry with a fresh rapsbian buster.
Is there any installation guide available?

Beause i found nothing better i tried this:

Doing the first steps …

apt install software-properties-common &&
add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php &&
apt update &&
apt upgrade -y

it failed with errors explaning, that no templates for raspbian buster are available.

Thank for your help.
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Hi there,

Have you tried omitting the line with add-apt?

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Raspbian is more Debian than Ubuntu. The instructions are for Ubuntu, you’ll have to adjust Ubuntu specific commands to Debian.

In this case, I think raspbian will install PHP 7.3, which is the recommended PHP version for ownCloud by default anyway. So you don’t need to add an additional repository to install an alternate PHP version on your operating system and you should be able to omit these commands.

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Hello, i tried without this part and it worked.
At the moment i went till adding the trusted domain.
I added my local PC ip adress. Sadly the owncloud only start with the trusted_domain issue.

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thanks for your answer-

Hello, thanks for your answer. I tried without the repository and it worked.

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