Install files_primary_s3 from occ

Hi everybody,
I’m checking the S3 Primary Object Storage but I’ve a doubt on the installation/configuration process

I read in the manual that i have to install and configure the connection with amazon before to login as admin

1. Apply this configuration before the first login of any user – including the admin user; otherwise, ownCloud can no longer find the user’s files.

How to install the app as I cannot login as admin?
I tried to install the app via occ but… in the app’s list occ return I cannot find “files_primary_s3”

Where/How I can install the app?

Thank you!

Hope this solution will help you properly.

I have to say… not at all… point me at the solution…

You need to install the app manually: Installing and Managing Apps :: ownCloud Documentation . I think you’ll have to enable the app via occ app:enable files_primary_s3

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thank you! I’ll try

aaaaand it worked
@jvillafanez thank you again

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