Install Joomla after Owncloud (newest!)/ Can reach the web interface

Hi there!
I 'm new with owncloud. My OC works fine on strato webspace. But I install yesterday joomla an dnow I can 't reach the OC webinterface.
Shown : _Not Found
The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server._
What is happend? Synchronize with Android phone and Kubuntu works fine!

Thank you for any help for dummies :wink:

What are you typing in your browser?

it should be ip/owncloud or fqdn/owncloud

myservername/owncloud/index.php/login or http://www.myservername/owncloud
doesn't work

have you tried the Ip adress?

like or


also, can you ping that adress?

ping myadress works
ping myadress/owncloud doesn't

is your owncloud running? can you connect via ssh to your installation and check the services that are running?

I dont know. How canI test this? Work with Kubuntu. And now I check, the sych doesn't work to.

ssh user@ip_of_server

you need ssh service running on your system and on the target server

how do you administer your hosted owncloud? O_o

ssh matthias@myIP shows: ssh: connect to host myIP port 22: Connection refused

Did I correct?

are you sure that you have a ssh service on your target server?

yes, because normaly I use putty to shutdown for example

ah, sorry! I'm confuse and confound it with my homoeserver :wink:
I don know

well, can you install the ssh service somehow? maybe the technical service of your hoster?

:wink: how funny. When I look for an ssh connect for my hoster I found a domain redirection, which install Joomla. Corrected the domain redirection and it works!

I'm so sorry. Verry, verry much for your help.
so now I should have a look for a correct Joomla installation.
greeting Matthias

Glad to hear that it works :slight_smile: