Install ownCloud on Seagate Personal Cloud via RBW File

This link is to a RBW file to install Owncloud 9.1 on a Seagate Personal Cloud

Wizard Page details:

  1. Pick your own user/admin name and password

  2. Data is stored in /var/www/owncloud/data

  3. The only Database option is mysql (which is a best choice anyway). User is root. Password is baddog2
    Pick a name for your database and leave localhost as it is.

  4. After you hit finish, the wheels should spin and eventually you get a time out error. Just reload the page and you should be asked to login with your new username and password.

I'm going to try and provide update RBW files for this version, but see below!!!

Disclaimer: I'm just playing with this to work out the process for creating an app for the Seagate Personal Cloud and am testing this out for myself; You should assume that everything is questionable. Posting issues here is a good idea, but I offer no promise of support or security.



Nice, have you done any updates for newer versions, since - by any chance? Or has Seagate provided newer versions?

Hi, The link to the .rbw file no longer works. Can you share it again, please? Thanks!

OK. Here is a new rwb file for use on the Seagate Personal Cloud running Owncloud 10.0.8


As you can see the file is shared from my Seagate Personal Cloud running this rbw file, so you can help me test it :slight_smile:

Some notes:

  1. This rbw file includes updates to the wheezy-lamp-1.2 base.
  2. It includes a new build of php 7.1.18, httpd-2.4.33 (plus apr-1.6.3, apr-util-1.6.1 and pcre-8.42 ). The later may or may not have been needed to build httpd and php7.
  3. So due to (2) you are not using the original web server, which required some changes to the setup files for apache2, which I have not really tested!!!
  4. There is a issue with the size of the rbw file which prevents installation if it is too big. This may just be some choice I made when I set up up personal cloud hardware. To meet this restriction I deleted some of the apache2 documentation files. I tried to keep the Owncloud documentation files, as it complained if I did not, but in the end I deleted some.
  5. Again no guarantee or warranty here. I did it for my own use and had to re-remember how to do this.
  6. If you have corrections or suggestions feel free to send them to me or just post here. However no promise that I will have time to follow up on either.
  7. I use mysql/mariadb so I haven’t tried the other database options.

O.K. How to use it is the same as before.
(a) Install the rbw.
(b) open it at /apps/owncloud10/owncloud ( /apps/owncloud gets you the “it works” default from apache2 )
© Pick a admin name and password.
(d) switch to mysql/mariadb option
(e) database user is root, password is baddog2, database name is anything you wish, leave localhost alone.
(f) Click finish and wait until it times out.
(g) reload page and login using the admin name etc. in ©.


PS. Here is the file in case you are interested. It includes some redundant commands that I just did not delete.

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Can you republish the rbw file? It is unavailable, thanks!

Can you republish the rbw file? It is unavailable, thanks!

Hello. I need for the new version.
Can you publish the new rbw file? Or other older, it´s neede to be reinstaled.

i cant do that, its not working