Install owncloud to coreserver


I am not sure if I have put this topic into a right category or not, but I am really thankful if I could get some advice from you.

I am installing owncloud to coreserver which is CenOS 7 Linux, and using Tera Term as SSH.

The instruction is as following:
To execute the command it is necessary to be a root user, my current account is not a root user and do not have no idea how to get this privilege.


And this is the error message:
-bash-4.2$ rpm --import
error: cannot open Packages index using db5 - Permission denied (13)
error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm

Hi phuong,

If you just installed the server yourself you should be able to become root like so:

sudo -i

This should ask you for the password and afterwards you have a shell that allows you to run all commands as root.
Otherwise you will have to ask the server administrator to either run those commands for you or make your user an administrative user.

Generally these are basic administrative tasks on a Linux server, you should be able to find lots of information online. We can’t teach you here how to run a server, this is a support forum specific to problems with running ownCloud. I would recommend to start reading some ‘getting started’ guide specific to your Linux distribution.

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