Install owncloud with composer

I’ve installed your system to Ubuntu 19.0 in a local network. Pls note, that there’s one specific - my installation was done to one machine and a containers were used.

I downloaded a file from here

Pls clarify some questions:

  • where your program save the data and settings in such case ?

  • where a user’s data is saved (permissions and so on)? SQLite and MySQL are’t applied in your system

  • how can I made a data archivation ? If I want to move the system to another machine will be enough to made a new installation and copy all files ?

I’ve found a files here /var/lib/docker/volumes/docker-onlyoffice-owncloud_app_data/_data/data


Why don’t you use our docker container?

I need to install owncloud and the server of documents on one machine.
The assembly found me already contains all configured dependences
P.S. Русский? Если можно, на родном. Там все устраивает, только вот непонятки с хранением

have you looked here?


/mnt is empty
/media is empty too

Or I would like to read the detailed guide on the owncloud installation, servers of documents and a sheaf them among themselves

I’ve just had a look into the docker-compose.yml of the repo you linked and it seems like they might be using ownCloud with PHP-FPM which is officially not supported.

Looking further in this file you can see that there are volumes defined. You can find more about how to archive/backup docker volumes under the following link.

As this docker-compose is provided by ONLYOFFICE I would recommend contacting their support:
Linked in the bottom of the README.txt

As a start to learn how to install ownCloud from scratch, I would recommend the following copy-pastable guide. There is also heaps more information in the docs.

If you just want a thing that starts, provides ownCloud and ONLYOFFICE and is supported in this forum you could try out the UCS appliance with ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud. We also have a special section in our docs about the appliance.