Install & Setup on Ubuntu server 18.04

I’m looking to setup owncloud on Ubuntu server 18.04 that is 100% free. So far I’ve found a few Youtube videos but they all seem to point to some web domain service.

Is it actually possible to setup and access Owncloud from outside my home network without any monthly charges for a web domain?

I’ve tried following some instructions and get lost when they talk about self signed SSL, I just couldn’t get everything to work so I’ve decided to restart the process from scratch. I’m installing Ubuntu 18.04 fresh, I know my local IP address, I know my public IP, My edgerouter has port forwarding on for ports 80 and 443, OpenSSH is enabled, Putty is all set.

Now I just need some straight forward video or instructions to follow. Any help in directing me would be great.

These setup instructions should be working:

If not you can open issues in the docs repo about it.

There are some free DynDNS providers out there, but in this case free also means not good most of the time. There are domains out there, which you can get for just a few bucks a year.

If you don’t have a static IP address I would recommend to look for a hosting provider which offers an API for DNS record changes. Then you should be able to build your own DynDNS with a simple script.

I would recommend you find a homelab forum, there you should find all the necessary information on hosting at home.

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