Installation issue (due to lack of knowledge on my part)

First off I must apologize for my lack of knowledge. I am self taught and have gaping holes in my KB.

In the installation guide the following text appears.

When the commands complete, you then have to (assuming you use PHP 7.4):
• Create /etc/php/7.4/mods-available/smbclient.ini with following content

My question is how do you do this?

I have an old Dell R720xd server running VMware ESXI 6.7. I have clean install of Ubuntu 20.04.03 LTS. I have followed the guide religiously.

If this has been posted in the wrong area, again forgive me.


Hi where-away,

Congrats to your ambitions teaching yourself cloud/Linux knowledge. I hope we can contribute :wink:

Are you planning to use the windows_network_drive app or to mount Samba/SMB external storages? If not, you can skip the complete smbclient section since your ownCloud will never require it.

If you do require one of the two above I’d rather not run pecl on a productive system but use the ondrej ppa instead.

Drop us a line about your requirements, then we’ll be able to assist further.

You edit the file using e.g nano

nano /etc/php/7.4/mods-available/smbclient.ini 

You paste the line in there:

Safe and close.
Then run:

phpenmod smbclient
systemctl restart apache2

To enable and apply.

(All of these commands need to be run as root, so either put sudo in front of every command or elevate your shell with sudo -i)

I would just like to add that the windows_network_drive app is Enterprise only. So you will need a license key which will also entitle you to support.

I think PECL is OK to use, in fact in owncloud-ansible/php you can automagically tell it to use pecl to install additional PHP requirements. If you are concerned to have a compiler available on a production system, you can just uninstall it after successfull compilation of the package.

First thank you for your reply.

There are times I think I couldn’t find my rear-end with both hands, technologically speaking.

Here is what I want to accomplish. On my server I have 16.3 TB of Raid 60 storage. I have dedicated 5TB to this cloud server because a friend wants to start a YouTube channel. I want to give her the option of off-site back-up for her videos and video elements. She is using a Mac for video editing so I need to make sure she can save and access her data unchanged by my systems, and access them remotely as she lives several states away.

The first option I heard of for a personal cloud server was OwnCloud. I know this is a very ambitious project for someone that has very little experience with Linux.

I welcome suggestions.

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