Installation on a thin client for efficiency and silence!




Looking to Install OwnCloud on a HP T5740 thin client. It is fitted with a 2GB flash memory drive and a 500gb Hard Drive. I could also install extra USB sticks if the 2gb module isn't enough memory.

The unit will be used infrequently, by a single user and most of the time will be sitting idle.

What I'd love to achieve is that everything "vital" that Linux/OC need to stay alive is kept on the flash drive, which would mean that the hard drive isn't being accessed when the machine is not being actively used, and therefore could be spun down... this would make for a completely silent machine most of the time.

I'm quite new to Linux, and I'm guessing so far that this setup will require installing with different partitions of the OS on different physical drives, but I am not sure which to put where!

I would really appreciate any help in how to set this up to work in this way. It would be amazing if I could have the machine sitting there silently for most of the time. I'm quite happy to accept a fractional delay on the first request when the hard drive has to spin up.

Planning to use Ubuntu Server 16.02 i686 with latest Apache and MySQL, but happy to use other versions if they would be stable.




as such Linux topics are quite off-topic here i'm suggesting to jump over to a Linux forums dedicated to your used distribution.

After you have your setup complete and working then i think the people in here are happy to answer questions specific to ownCloud and how to configure it that it doesn't wake up your HDD.



No problem, thanks for your reply. I have asked this to my respective distro's forum.

So - does anyone have any advice on how to set up ownCloud so it doesn't wake the machine? I'm guessing it's Data directory on the hard drive, everything else on the Flash memory




yes that should do the trick. When putting the data directory to the HDD you also need to move the logfile to the flash memory. This can be configured like seen here: