Installation own cloud /home

good evening guys!
I set the system so that it is the / home partition with more available space (use debian) so I installed owncloud (starting from their www directory on / home ... so / home / username / www / owncloud.
the config.php file 'DataDirectory' I set: / home / username / www / owncloud / data
(I had previously given the command, during installation, chown www-data: www-data / home / username / www / owncloud
and given the permits.
But when I try to connect to my ip / owncloud I get this error: 404 NOT FOUND the request URL / owncloc was not found on this server
how should I do in order to see the cloud server?


you most likely have to dig into your webservers configuration to configure it correctly and point its configuration file to that new folder.

and how should I do?

The best thing is that you get familiar with webservers and your webservers configuration (which is needed anyway if you want to run a software like ownCloud) by e.g. reading some documentations / tutorials.

Digital ocean for example has great tutorials for this, like e.g. in [1].

What you probably have to configure is something like the DocumentRoot in Apache.


I solved (I only moved the date folder) with the commands:
sudo chown www-data:www-data /home/username/owncloud
sudo mv /var/www/owncloud/data/ /home/username/owncloud
I then edited the config.php file:
'datadirectory' => '/home/username/owncloud/data'