Installing OCIS on headless Ubuntu

I’m having trouble accessing my new OwnCloud Infinite Scale (OCIS) server. I’m getting a “tls: unknown certificate” error.

Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

  • I’m migrating from a PHP-based OwnCloud to OCIS (version 5).
  • I followed the setup instructions and set the environment variables.
  • Since I have a headless server (no GUI), I can’t use “localhost” in a browser.
  • I replaced “{IP}” in OCIS_URL with my server’s IP ( and tried accessing it from another computer on the network (
  • I see a blank screen and this error on the server:
2024/04/01 17:26:57 http: TLS handshake error from remote error: tls: unknown certificate

The same issue occurs with OCIS version 4.

Can you help me troubleshoot this certificate issue and access OCIS properly?

Hi, without the configuration values (redacted) I can not really give a hint what might be happening here.
How did you setup ocis? systemd? single-binary? kubernetes?
I am guessing your Secrets are not properly initialized. Did you run ocis init ?

Also this is the wrong topic, this belongs in Infinite Scale here. Lucky anybody did see it…


Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve successfully set up OCIS on my local server using a virtual machine running Ubuntu 22.04.4. I can access OCIS via https://localhost:9200, but when I attempt to access the server from any other computer on the same local network, it fails. Instead of the login page, I’m greeted with a dark blue page.

UPDATE: I followed Bare Metal Deployment with systemd with reverse proxy (Apache) and everything works.

Can you open the networktab of the browser and show me what requests are going wrong there?

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