Installing owncloud and UCS

Hi ,
I am new in owncloud , because i know alittle about linux i’ve installed it on ubuntu 18 desktop , with guidance of this site(as it says) .
For managing users i want to install UCS , i don’t know how. i have two questions
1- is the way of the site has guided right?
2- Any suggestion for how to install UCS ?

This is really not how you should do it. A desktop system has so much unnecessary overhead…

You are going about this backwards.
UCS is generally installed from virtual machine disk images. ownCloud provides an extra image, that you can just download, install and run from a hypervisor or something like VirtualBox.

This will install UCS with it’s base linux system and then ownCloud inside there.
I think it is pretty much impossible to correctly install UCS inside an exisiting Linux installation as well as integrating it with ownCloud.

Make sure to check our appliance documentation as well as the official UCS documentation:

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