Installing owncloud in openmediavault 6

Hello, im new to owncloud tried to install it in my home server that has openmediavault 6 i went to the officila web site to install it and i used the repository web site,
i used the 4 comands to install it, but when i tried to go to the web set up in the :8080 port, but it keep redirect me to the OMV dashboard.
sorry if my english was not verry good.

I’d recommend to check their forums (and support, if available).
Most likely something went wrong with some apache/nginx settings, either for the virtual host or they might have a reverse proxy.
But as you don’t get an ownCloud error message, this is something that went wrong on the OMV side.

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i dont think i have apache or nginx installed how do i see if i have installed?

ok, i discoverd that i dont have apache2 installed in my home server

should i install it?
is this the command to install it?
sudo apt install apache2


i think you need either nginx or apache2 installed before ownCloud can be used. These requirements seems to be documented by the ownCloud team here:

If there are specific questions on the installation on openmediavault i think you could try to use the openmediavault support forum.

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