Installing ownCloud on DD WRT USB storage

Good morning to all! I'm a new, VERY NOOBISH user trying to setup my own cloud service for myself and my family. After much reading I've decided to start with ownCloud.

OK, I have flashed DD WRT to a Linksys EA8500 router which will hopefully have enough resources to run ownCloud.

I am trying to install ownCloud using the file copied from this link:

Using the Lighttpd server service from withing DDWRT I have the setup-owncloud.php file in the www directory but the error I'm receiving is this:

At this point I have no idea what to do :tired_face:

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

Lighttpd is not officially supported, so it can be a bit complicated to figure out a working version. Regarding the resources, you risk to hit the limits quickly, furthermore if you break something you risk to end up without internet. I'd rather user a separate device, for starters/testing just a raspberry pi, if you want more performance consider a Intel-NUC or similar devices.