Installing OwnCloud with a Linux Package Manager

Hi there,

I’m new to OwnCloud, I’m a frontend developer, installing it on Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve followed these instructions for installing using apt-get:

But I’m not clear on what setup I need to do get it up and running? I’ve installed a LAMP stack, but now what? Apache is running but localhost/owncloud gives a 404.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, would really appreciate someone pointing a big finger at it!

many thanks, Jake

Hi Jake,
Have you set up a virtual host for your owncloud installation?
You will need to point it to ‘/var/www/html/owncloud’ you can find some additional pointers on how to do this in the documentation here.



Hi Erik,

Ahh, I see :slight_smile: I thought Manual installation was a different beast to Linux Package Manager, and that apt-get would configure apache.

Thank you, that makes sense now!

all the best, Jake