Installing patch with Updater app?



Hi, I'm somewhat new to OC and I'd like to update my OC 9.1.0 stable installation to 9.1.2 (on shared hoster Uberspace). I did expect to get a notification in OC (for my admin user), but there is no notification. How can I install the patch, preferably with the Updater app? There seem to be some security issues fixed in the patch and I thought in might be a good idea to install that patch. The admin page says "Your version is up to date" . Obviously this seems to be wrong because there is 9.1.2 out for a while.
Thanks in advance


Do a manual upgrade. The automatic update is not very reliable, not sure if you could enforce this somehow.


the update checker on the OC admin page states when it tried last time to check for an update and that was yesterday. I guess then there is no save way to update with the Updater app.

I was hoping there is a simple way to update because I have a very small installation and I'm not keen on spending 1/2h or more for a minor update.
Well anyways, I will think about it. THanks for your answer.