Instant upload stopped uploading

Hi all,
I am not sure if this is a bug with the ownCloud app, a general problem introduced by upgrading latest iOS or an isolated problem for me.
Im not sure exactly when I did the update of iOS but for the last week and a half (probably about the right timeframe for me updating) Instant Upload does not seem ti be pushing anything from my phone to ownCloud. The app says all changes are processed but no upload.

Simple question, anyone else having the same issue?


Legacy iOS app (3.8.2) or new iOS app (11.4.1)? What iOS version?

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Not using the legacy app for a god while now. Versions I am using are as follows:
iOS: 14.0.1
ownCloud: 11.4.1 build 172

Having looked at this a bit further, I have realised what the issue was…
With the update of iOS come new access permissions. The ownCloud app does not automatically request permissions for access to the photos on the phone so it doesn’t see any change and therefore nothing to upload.
As soon as I manually tried to upload a photo, iOS asks if I want to give ownCloud access to the photos. Once I said yes to this, it started to process all the photos that had no been uploaded in the interim.

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