Integrate HiDrive as External Storage


I have owncloud running and I am uploading images from my mobile phone to owncloud which works fine. Now I want to copy this images to a Strato HiDrive account to save some local storage. I integrated HiDrive as external storage using FTP. The new folder is available in the user account and I can open the folder via ownCloud.

When I try to copy files from a local folder to the FTP folder it says that the file was copied but when opening the folder its not there. When I try to move the file there, its says that this is not possible. The same happens if I try to upload a file to the ftp folder: “Could not write file content”

On the HiDrive side there is not very muche to configure.

Does anyone have an idea what might cause these problems?


You should check why you can’t write inside the external storage: not enough permissions? wrong credentials? not enough space in the external storage?

You also might want to try other protocols that are supported by the service provider. WebDAV or SFTP are good candidates (not sure if they’re free)

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