Integrating OwnCloud in custom web application


We evaluate option of integrating oC in to web application dealing with photography (pictures, pdf's, etc - PhotoApp in short) that we are building that need to be able:
- Create folders in oC
- upload files in those folders from PhotoApp web application
- Retrieve triggers of fact that in created folders are uploaded files
- Manipulate, download, update back files (there happens number of automatic manipulations with files)
- Create sharing links within PhotoApp to folders from oC
- Delete files

Appart from that there will be users using app via desktop sync apps (having username there) and anonymous users who will just receive url from where to download files (delivery part of ready pictures).

Has anybody experience with similar scenario and or what is suggested approach for such implementation?

thanks in advance for any input

I am sorry i can't be to helpful but maybe here is a good start:

This could be usefull interface to ownCloud for you web app

Generaly it is Python, but under the hood it just implements requests library. Everything in ownCloud is WebDAV request managable, so that you can integrate in any web app just sending webdav request to the server