Integration with PowerBI

Hello guys!
Is there any way to integrate OwnCloud with PowerBI? I have files in OwnCloud that I would like to incorporate to PowerBI, but without mapping in Windows Explorer.
I hope you understand my question.

  • ownCloud is open source, so you can extend it in any way you like, therefore there probably is some kind of way, yes.
  • Perhaps you can explain some more details about PowerBI. Nobody can know all kinds of software products. I, for example, have never heard of it.
  • What kind of integration are you trying to achieve? Which data do you want to send to PowerBI?
  • What programming interface/APIs does PowerBI offer to receive data?

Thanks for your reply!
Well PwBI support REST API or Conection to MySQL, and I want to acess to the files that I have in an account.
If I achieve to retrive the content of the folder It will be ok.
Sorry, my tecnical language maybe not the best.